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The Champion’s Mind

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Everyone was born to be a champion. Because of the fact that to be born in this world we experience a very long process and extraordinary struggle.

The reality now is that there are many people who do not feel that they have become champions so that in working, the output they produce is not optimal. The material is enriched with the best references on achievements from leading authors such as Drive, Bounce, Outlier.

Deliver Excellent Service

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When the product has become generic in the eyes of consumers, then how do we provide good service that will become a ‘superior product’. Starting from the easiest thing – giving a friendly smile – to the most difficult, namely when the quality of our service is questioned by consumers.

Motivating for Performance

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Becoming A Great Leader

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Being a leader means influencing others through an example that starts from yourself (Great Individual). Understanding this is very important to be able to influence others and form a reliable team (Great team) that will make changes and make the organization large and sustainable.

Achievement Motivation Training

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This training program aims to provide provisions on how to develop the champion behavior of the staff under their responsibility, besides that, this program is also useful for anyone who wants to know ways or methods to develop champion behavior on their own.

Developing Cross Function

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In a company, no part can stand alone without cooperating with other parts. Therefore, the ability to cross functions between parts is very necessary. However, to build it is not easy, because there are things that can hinder it. How to maximize cross functions will be discussed in this training.

5 Star Presentation Skill

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One of the important things for everyone in the company in various positions is: they must be able to convey their ideas well in the form of presentations. A good presentation must be able to convey the message / idea correctly. Because of that, some ‘devices are needed‘ so that the ideas delivered besides being well received will also be remembered longer. This material is enriched with the best information regarding presentations from leading authors such as Speak with Confidence, The Accelerated Trainer.

Supervisory Skill

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The supervisor is an extension of the company at a very decisive and crucial level. Because at this level a lot of execution of management policies is carried out. Therefore, having a superior supervisor is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

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The process of problem solving and decision making is important in our daily work. When we misidentify the problem, the decisions we make will be wrong. Therefore, this ability must be owned by everyone.

Forever Motivation

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There are many recipes for success and enthusiasm every day. But, how do we convey it and to whom also plays an important role.

Forever motivation is a simple 1 day module that is packaged to develop participants’ ability to motivate themselves. With the story telling method, this session will be very interesting for frontliners who prefer practicality compared to complex theoretical formulations.

Managing Changes

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Although it seems simple, the word ‘change’ for some people means leaving a comfort zone or comfort zone. As a result, it is very difficult to increase productivity because it is trapped in that zone. How to handle it?

Leadership Camp / Adventure

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Is a combination of programs between outdoor activities and class sessions (indoor). The sessions will be very interactive, fun, experiential learning because participants do outside activities first and then debrief during class sessions.

From Good to Great

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Being a large and long-lasting organization cannot be built overnight. It takes time and steps that are measurable and tested for effectiveness. This workshop was taken from Jim Collins’ book with the same title and contained research conducted over a period of 6 years to examine the secrets of how to make the organization great.

9 Leadership Competencies

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The leader is formed and not born. That is why an understanding of the main characteristics is needed for a leader. Understanding, a supportive environment and a willingness to change and act that can make someone a reliable leader.

Essential Communication Skill

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It cannot be denied that success in the communication process will bring success in other fields. Therefore, those who understand this field – according to a survey – will be more advanced than those who do not.

Kotter’s Change Management

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Change requires time and process. Sometimes the process is long and protracted without any clarity in the end. Or, on the contrary, it is fast, complete and produces more results than expected. In managing change, we need steps that have been tested both empirically and scientifically. Prof. Kotter said there were 8 steps to change that needed to be done so that the changes could go according to plan.

Implementing Corporate Values

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The biggest failure that causes not “life” values in organizational life is because these values are not aligned with individual behavior in everyday organizations. Therefore, the process of aligning values is very important to do after the behavioral values and guidelines are determined so that these values can live and become organizational culture.

Essential Service Skill

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This session will provide basic skills that must be possessed for those who are engaged in the service sector or dealing with customers either directly or indirectly.

Time Management

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Time is one resource that cannot be updated and is very fast. Without realizing it if you are not good at managing it, it will become less useful for us. Conversely, if we are good at managing it, then it will greatly help our activities. All depends on our ability to manage it.

Negotiation Skill

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The ability to be able to negotiate is now very important because being a good negotiator will make the work smooth, avoid unnecessary conflicts and the work we do will be more effective. An accomplished negotiator must have good communication skills and understand the mindset needed as a negotiator.

Intro. & Socialisation Corporate Values

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To revive corporate values in daily work activities, a process of introduction and socialization is needed first. This process is important to equate the language used when the application process later.

Creative Thinking

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Creative thinking or creative thinking is now needed not only to solve everyday problems but also to solve problems within the scope of work that arises. Therefore someone who masters the method / method of creative thinking will always have ‘ammunition’ for all the problems he faces. This workshop will equip participants with tools that can be used to think creatively.

Retirement Preparation

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Retirement is a period in which work patterns change. For some people it is a pleasant time because it is free from obligation. For others, this is an uncertain period and goes through it with compulsion. The biggest challenge in this period is changing the mindset that was previously a employee to not be an employee. For those who want to enjoy retirement by not doing ‘anything’ then this will not be a big problem. But for those who still have unfinished obligations, entering this period is the beginning of a struggle.

Handling Customer Complain

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“Complain the sign dear.” That is a suitable jargon to explain why dealing with customers who complain is very important for business continuity in the short and long term.

Coaching for Performance

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Coaching is a method used to improve employee performance through a sympathetic approach. In this process, it is expected that the final results will improve the performance of the employees concerned. Its effectiveness depends on the role of the leader as coachee or counselee.

Effective Delegation

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This program provides provisions for participants to be able to make effective delegations: when, who and how the delegation process is carried out.

Corporate Comm. Services

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To accommodate the needs of clients who continue to grow and develop from day to day, “Corporate Communication Services” can help you in making websites, mater presentations, and marketing kits.

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