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Iwan Pramana, ST, MM, ACC

In the last 12 years, Iwan has experience in the fields of Training (soft skill), Mentoring and Coaching. With a background in Metallurgical Engineer, Iwan began his career as an Engineer at PT Freeport Indonesia, Irian Jaya. He then continued his education in Management at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta. After that he worked as a Brand Management at Pharmaceutical Company for approximately 8 years.

  He was involved in developing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Program in Indonesia. In carrying out his career by completed his capabilities by writing books (28 titles, in various topics from 2016-today) and various professional certifications such as: Asscociate Certified Coach by International Coach Federation, PoY – L2, DiSC, EI, NLP and Training metdhology. As a speaker, he was elected as The Best Participant in Safety Talk Contest (PT Freeport Indonesia, 1997), The Best at Elevator Pitch Contest (Dunamis, 2007) and The Favorite Mentor at Millennium Challenge Account Program (MCA) 2017.

Reza Soedomo

REZA SOEDOMO, born in 1960, completed his formal S2 education at Masters in Management at Gadjah Mada University and S1 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia He had a career in banking for a total of 20 years starting as a management trainee at Bank Niaga, then continued to Bank Danamon with his last position as Head of the Training Center He continued his career in an international HR consulting firm, namely Dunamis Organization Services as a Senior Facilitator & Senior Relationship Manager until his retirement age in 2015. For 10 years he has provided many trainings for various leadership and execution modules to clients at industry and management level.

Since entering the age of retirement, he founded an HR consultant, namely PT. Kinerja Unggul Nusantara, which is the exclusive license holder in Indonesia for BlessingWhite – a global HR consultant based in New Jersey, USA. For 5 years, PT. Kinerja has international strategic partners and is also the exclusive license holder in Indonesia Profitability and CESIM in the field of business simulations. Reza is a writer who has produced 2 books since entering his retirement age, namely “The 5 Keys to Win Life in an Oasis” and “Commuter’s Stories”.